Ronnie Colvin

Ronnie Colvin lived in the northeast U.S. for 25 years before settling in Texas. It was while in New England that she developed an interest in the natural world. She attended Fisher College and Clark University, receiving an A.S. in Business Management before moving to Tarrant County, where she took her first Geology course, went on a field trip and was bitten by the "paleo bug." After working in the computer industry, Ronnie completed her B. S. from the University of Texas at Arlington's (UTA) School of Education in 2003 and recently earned a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences from the College of Science at UTA with an emphasis in Geology and Biology. Ronnie teaches science at a 2010 National Blue Ribbon Award winning exemplary campus in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District and promotes the sharing of scientific experiences by working with the AAS Education and Outreach Team. She became involved with the AAS during the "Crocorama" dig in the summer of 2009 after responding to a flyer asking for "Dino-Diggers Needed". On her 1st dig at the AAS, she found a large crocodile dentary and was amazed. She joined the Archosaur Crew and is a much valued member. She enjoys excavating at the AAS as well as preparing, and researching fossils in the Scotese Museum lab. Ronnie is a member of the Geological Society of America, the Texas Paleontological Society, the Science Teachers Association of Texas and the Association of Texas Professional Educators.

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Ronnie Colvin
Ronnie Colvin at the Arlington Archosaur Site