Rachell Peterson

Rachell Peterson was born in Fort Worth and has lived in Texas most her life. Her job for the past 15 years has been in the field of global Program Management at CitiBank. For fun, Rachell loves being outdoors and working in the dirt. Her mom says that when she was a child, she use to go outside and roll around in the mud and so it seems fitting that Rachell joined the Arlington Archosaur Site (AAS) team. She joined the AAS team in the fall of 2009 as a volunteer digger and in the summer of 2010, under the guidance and mentoring of Kevin Anderson, began working with the AAS Microfossil Research Group. Rachell's passions are Archaeology, Paleontology and Geology. Above all, Rachell's greatest passion is to preserve history by finding and studying fossils. She spends much of her free time volunteering with a variety of organizations: the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, the Heard Museum, the Dallas and Texas Paleontological Societies, the Texas Archeological Society and the Arlington Archosaur site. Rachell's volunteer projects have included work on the Dallas Museum's Alamosaurus, the Heard Museum's mosasaur and the AAS microfossil fauna with an emphasis on crocodile teeth. Volunteer activities aside, Rachell has also taken college geology courses with Derek Main. When she is not working at one of her many volunteer activities, Rachell is generally down a microscope checking out the Cretaceous microfossils of Texas.

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Rachel Peterson
Rachell Peterson at the Arlington Archosaur Site