Nathan Van Vranken

Nathan Van Vranken has been a Dallas Paleontological Society (DPS), Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP), and Geological Society of America (GSA) since 2010. Nathan has always had an interest in Paleontology since he was a child where he visited some of the most influential museums such as the Museum of Natural History and the Peabody Museum. Visiting these museums and living in the current phase of the “Dinosaur Renaissance” inspired Nathan to pursue professional Paleontology. Nathan’s professional inspirations are people like Dr. Robert Bakker, Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, and Victorian intellectuals like Darwin and Huxley.

As a young man Nathan lived in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains until the age of 17. At this time Nathan learnt basic excavation techniques with Skidmore College and then ventured into the White Mountain range in the Appalachians to study the fossil track ways in the area.

Once Nathan moved to Texas and completed high school he acquired his Associates of Science with Collin College’s Geosciences department where he also worked as a teacher’s assistant. In late 2010 Nathan joined the Arlington Archosaur Site’s dig crew as a volunteer wanting to gain experience in the field and this allowed him to successfully transfer University of Texas at Arlington.

In the last year or so, Nathan has proven to become quite the proficient academic which will award him a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary studies with specializations both Biology and Geology from UTA. Nathan’s research expertise within the AAS and focus of his undergraduate thesis project is the evaluation of the paleoecology of the marine sections of the Woodbine formation ranging from both micro and macro levels of Invertebrates to vertebrates such as fish and other organisms. Nathan will pursue a Master’s degree with emphasis in vertebrate paleontology dealing with marine reptiles post 2013.

Nathan has also published papers dealing with various topics within paleontology and regularly attends professional level conferences to promote his ideas. Nathan strongly believes that one must develop holistic approaches when addressing problems within paleontology which means everything from evolutionary history and behavior to life and death of an extinct animal. Nathan has multiple projects outside of the AAS and on various topics such as Dinosaur tracks and behavior to Paleozoic paleoecology.

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Nathan Van Vranken
Nathan Van Vranken at the Arlington Archosaur Site