Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson was born and raised in Texas. Growing up in Cedar Hill, he has lived in Texas most of his life, except for a 6 year military obligation in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. He is now employed in the steel making industry as an electrician and programmer. He has been an avid fossil collector and avocational paleontologist for the last 12 years, with the last few years focusing on studies of Cretaceous micro-fossils. He has collected fossils from Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, South Carolina and Florida. He is a certified technical scuba diver and has used his scuba training to recover fossils from both South Carolina and Florida. Kevin began working with the Arlington Archosaur Site (AAS) in October of 2009 after speaking with Derek Main and Roger Fry at a meeting of the Dallas Paleontological Society. He began at the AAS by working with the AAS bulk sampling and screen washing field program. He now leads the AAS Micro-fossil Research Group both in the field at the AAS and in the SMP labs at UTA. Kevin's dedication to thorough lab and field based research, notes and detailed procedures has made him a valuable member of the AAS team. Kevin is an active member of both the Dallas Paleontological and the Texas Paleontological Societies and teaches educational workshops at UTA on micro-fossil procedures and techniques.

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