Chris Noto

Chris is a native of Rochester, NY. Ever since he was young Chris has been interested in dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. He attended the University of Chicago, where he worked with paleontologist Paul Sereno as a fossil preparator. While there he helped prepare specimens of the dinosaurs Suchomimus, Jobaria, and Afrovenator and the giant crocodilian Sarcosuchus. He also worked as a research assistant with geologist Fred Ziegler, where he had the opportunity to help revise a chapter for the second edition of The Dinosauria. Chris went on to earn a PhD in Ecology and Evolution with advisor Catherine Forster at Stony Brook University, NY. Currently he is a Visiting Professor in the Biomedical Sciences Department at Grand Valley State University (MI) where he teaches human anatomy. Chris has also done field work in the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation of Wyoming. His research interests include paleoecology, functional morphology, taphonomy, and paleobiogeography.

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Chris Noto
Chris Noto at the Arlington Archosaur Site