About The Arlington Archosaur Site

The excavation of the Arlington Archosaur Site began in the spring of 2008 when a new land owner, the Huffines Group, granted land access to UTA. Once permission was given, students from the UTA Dinosaurs class worked with Derek J. Main and the sites discoverers, Art Sahlstein and Phil Kirchhoff, to explore the area for fossils. A full scale excavation began in the spring and continued on through the summer and fall with the help of volunteers from the Dallas Paleontological Society. With volunteer assistance from Dallas Paleo Society (DPS) members and UTA Dinosaurs class student diggers, the excavation of the site continued on through the spring of 2011. Of special note, DPS members Roger Fry, Wayne Furstenwerth, Richard Zack, Philip Scoggins and Darlene Sumerfelt all contributed many hours of hard work at the AAS excavation. All excavated and collected fossils were taken to UTA for curation and scientific study. The excavation of the site continues on today. To date, more dinosaur fossils have been recovered from the Arlington Archosaur Site than from any other site in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

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