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The Arlington Archosaur Site is a prolific fossil site that was discovered in northern Arlington Texas by UT-Arlington students Phil Kirchhoff and Bill Walker along with local fossil collectors Art and Olivia Sahlstein in the summer of 2003. The site was later reported to Dr. Christopher R. Scotese at the UTA Earth Sciences Dept. and his geology graduate student Derek J. Main in the fall of 2003. Phil Kirchhoff and Bill Walker brought some of the fossils from the site to show to Derek J. Main for identification. Main identified the fossils as dinosaur teeth and vertebrae along with various crocodile scutes and teeth. Hence the origin of the name for the site, as dinosaurs and crocodiles both belong to the Archosaurs; the "Ruling Reptiles". Derek J. Main and the sites discoverers agreed to work the Arlington Archosaur Site as a collaborative effort.

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Derek Main's Doctoral Dissertation:
Appalachian Delta Plain Paleoecology of the Cretaceous Woodbine Formation at the Arlington Archosaur Site North Texas

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